7 Years of DIY VHS

Happy 7th Anniversary to Videopunks VHS!

On this day, 7 years ago, I released my first VHS release, “Video Art is Awful”.

To commemorate this, I’ve gone back through ALL of the releases, added blog posts to line them up with my personal timeline, and added a new section of the Blog that’s JUST focused on VXPX video releases.

My goal (in the near future) is to provide all the Art Assets, Video Masters, and labels for folks to make their OWN copies of all of those out-of-print releases, so that they’ll hopefully live on far longer than the rest of us.

Having gone through all of these releases today, I realized that there’s a lot of gaps in what I still have. . . but it’s a really dense discography.

I’m particularly proud of some of these releases (I provided visuals for a lot of them), and I’m really looking forward to adding to this body of work in 2023, alongside my label partners Virtua 94 Records.

I like nice, round numbers, and the catalog numbers already have three digits. . . so the goal is 100 releases. After looking at the 45 (official) releases i’ve done in the past 7 years, that feels particularly attainable.

If you’d like to have a look back at all the released, jump over HERE.

Frataxin – Copulatory Transvection VHS

I got asked to do the Editing & Analog processing for this VHS release from Frataxin on Invocation Films (as released by Black Ring Rituals).

I’ve seen Joe perform a couple of times, and though Power Electronics really isn’t my thing, this dude gets me every fucking time. What an absolute ripper.

In a new personal first for me, this is getting released on Betamax, in addition to the VHS. What a treat.

Weeping Icon – “Two Ways” Music Video

Here’s a music video that I edited for Weeping Icon for the song “Two Ways.”

From the press release:

Two Ways’ is about people who want to appear virtuous in their public facing personality, but live a contradictory shadow life in which they do whatever they please, no matter how harmful their actions are to others. It’s told through the voice of a man named Todd (yes, that’s his real name!) who I encountered a few years back. He used a harmful term towards a woman he was angry with, then accepted a long explanatory talk from me, appeared to reflect, enthusiastically told me he’d appreciated me taking the time to educate him and agreed to change his behavior, and then immediately found that same woman and started calling her harmful sexist names without a moment between. I was truly in shock at how comfortable he was with his personality being stratified into two layers – the outward-facing kind, modern man, looking to learn from the necessarily rapid changes in society – and the sinister, selfish sadist beneath who believes in his own entitlement to act with impunity.

This was an interesting project, mostly because there were no scripts, no shotlists, and certainly no slates, just a half hour of footage, and a rough story idea.

The band was really great, let me do my thing, and ultimately we turned this video around in about 11 hours, from first watching the footage, to delivering for youtube.

The process was pretty simple:

First, we did a full edit of the music video, with rough GFX thrown in, and ‘locked picture’ at 16×9 (the native aspect ratio of the footate).

From there, we stripped the all the GFX from the edit, reframed for 4:3, and laid it off to tape multiple times – once as a ‘clean’ version, and then 3 other times with more analog glitch/distortion.

We captured all 4 takes of the VHS, combined them in the edit, overlaid the GFX back into the (now distorted) edit, and laid the entire master off to tape.

Final Step was to capture that output, drop it into After Effect, and apply a Detail Preserving Upscale to the entire project, bringing it to 4k.

Super Simple, Cheap & Cheerful, and a lot of fun.

Here’s some links to some press about it:

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Roland MC-303

I saw someone mention an MC-303 in an advance email today, and it got me thinking.

I’ve been leaning really heavily on the MC-101 for a couple of years now, and the MC-303 is definitely it’s grandmother in a really big way.

Powerful, Portable, and Professional (in the right hands), it definitely changed the face of electronic music at the time of it’s release.

I don’t think the MC-101 will ever have the impact or the longevity of the MC-303, but I’m hoping that there’s at least a community of folks who really love & support it as much as I do.

MC-303 on Equipboard

MC-303 on Wikipedia

Planet 303 website