Magic Lantern Firmware Upgrade on Canon 5Dmk3

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Emotional Technology – Pebble Review

In honor of the new SDK that supposedly ships TOMORROW, here’s a quick review of the Pebble Smartwatch.


WHO: Pebble is a platform agnostic (iOS/Android) smartwatch, available here.

WHAT: Smartwatches are wearable tech that adds functionality to your current smartphone, i.e. Notifications on your wrist, etc. Using Helper Apps (like my current favorite, Smartwatch+), information/notifications are pushed over bluetooth to your wrist. It’s basically an extra backlit epaper display for your phone.
Currently, there’s no two-way communication (alá Dick Tracy) in iOS, but maybe someday that will happen.

It also tells the time.

WHERE: On your wrist. Also, in the shower (Water Resistant up to 5 ATM).

WHEN: All the time (See what I did there?!?)

WHY: Besides the fact that wearable tech is cool? Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to look at your wrist then take out your phone. Other helper apps provide you with Turn-By-Turn directions via the GPS on your phone, making it ideal for strapping onto your bike.

WISHLIST: I honestly can’t wait for a proper ereader for the Pebble. I read A LOT of ebooks on my phone (usually using iBooks), and it definitely takes a toll on my phone’s battery. I feel like the Pebble screen is just big enough to read comfortably on. Also, I wouldn’t mind some sort of SMS reply app, with 5-10 user-defined canned responses, so when you get a text message, you can quickly respond.

A couple of other notes: The Pebble uses a proprietary connector cable, so you’ll probably want to buy a couple extra. Cheap ones can be found on Amazon, like THIS ONE, that seem to be pretty popular.

Also, you’ll want a SCREEN PROTECTOR. I’ve had mine for about a month now, and I’ve already scratched the face.

If you’re curious about the Pebble’s functionality, I can’t speak highly enough about Reddit’s r/Pebble Community. Like all things hyper-specialized on Reddit, it’s a constantly-updating plethora of neat hacks, feature requests, and general tips. Totally worth checking out.

Pebble Smart Watch (via Amazon)

Charger Cable (via Amazon)

Screen Protector

Rating: 4/5

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Walter Murch: On Editing


Here’s a video of Walter Murch talking about the rhythm of cutting films.  If you haven’t read In The Blink of an Eye, you should!!

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The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Here’s a video of The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark that popped up over at /Film today.


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” Why I use a 20-year-old IBM Model M keyboard” from ARS TECHNICA

There’s a cool editorial about the IBM Model M Keyboard over at Ars Technica.

I’ve known some folks that REALLY prefer mechanical keyboards, and this definitely made me reconsider my preference for my Wireless Bluetooth Apple Keyboard. Check it out!

Also, here’s a video of someone typing on a Model M. TURN IT UP!

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Thoughts on ‘The World’s Smallest USB Drive’

Just saw THIS POST over at Gizmodo, and though that seems pretty neat, I’m definitely more of a fan of something like THIS:

elago Mobile Nano II USB 2.0 microSDHC Flash Memory Card Reader (Black)

I’ve owned about 5 of these so far, mostly from losing them (once, I killed one when I jammed it into a USB extension cable the wrong way). They’re cheap, awesome, and REALLY TINY. It’s not the fastest, but totally gets the job done.

Plus, I usually pair it with something like THIS, So I’ve got near infinite storage in my pocket.

Micro SD Card Holder

So, Moral of the Story: Small Gear is Rad.

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Children of the Northern Lights online!

Here’s a short film that I cut for the FutureStates series. . . this thing was TONS OF FUN!


I can’t wait to work with these folks again!

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