How to Downgrade a PPro Project File

I found THIS guide online today, and it’s pretty useful. I used to do this trick on Final Cut Studio projects a long time ago, and it’s always served me well.

++++ Make a Copy of your project with a New Name in the same folder as the original ++++

     1) Right-Click the COPY of the project and from the 7-Zip menu select “Open Archive”

     2) In 7-Zip there is one file same name as the project – Right-Click the file and select EDIT*

     3) On the fourth line change the Version = “??” Change the number portion to “1” Save and Close

     4) 7-Zip will ask you if you want to update that file in the archive, Select <OK>

That’s it! When you open the project Premiere Pro will say it is from a Previous Version, and will give it a new name as usual.

Of course, there’s also at least TWO DIFFERENT websites that you can use to downgrade your projects, as well.