SYNC NYC – Monthly Open Hardware Jam

Signup Sheet for March 2023 – Wonderville

SYNC is a monthly Hardware Jam at Wonderville in Brooklyn, NY, hosted by VJOLTRON & MORPHISM.

Four performers at a time take 120bpm Midi Beat Clock from a single source (Behringer DDM-4000 & DOREMIDI MIDI THRU-6 Box), and try to keep the jam going for the duration of the show, mixing in and out live.

Anyone with hardware (groovebox, drum machine, sampler, etc) that can take clock via 5 pin midi in is encouraged to sign up. Timeslots are 30 minutes long.

Please bring the following:

• Your favorite Groovebox/Drum Machine/Sampler
• 5 pin Midi Cable
• Power Supply
• Cables to get from your gear to a Stereo Line Level RCA Input
• Some seriously dope 120bpm Dub Techno/Ambient Techno/Deep Techno/Lofi House vibes

Do Not Bring:
• Laptops!
• Your modular
• Bad Vibes

Show Archive

March 26th, 2023
April 30th, 2023
May 28th, 2023

Giglog – #PUREMOODS – Wonderville

This was really cool. . . the first open hardware jam with Vinton Surf.

The idea was pretty straight forward. . . everyone brings hardware & 120bpm grooves, takes clock from a central source, plugs into a mixer, and keeps the vibe going.

It was absolute chaos, and a lot of fucking fun.

Definitely looking forward to doing some more of these, with a little bit more planning/logistics to keep it a little more coherent, and maybe publishing the results on VHS.

Only at Wonderville, amirite?