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VXPX_043 – B L I S S

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Database of VHS tapes with Color Shells

I was bopping around the internet, and found this interesting subreddit full of tips/tricks/information regarding all sorts of folks who are making custom VHS bootlegs of releases. . . and found this DATABASE OF VHS TAPES RELEASED WITH COLOR SHELLS.

I’m definitely going to be leveraging this in the future. Those Bob the Builder tapes are cheap!



I ran into some old friends at a show the other day, and they mentioned that they got a CRT TV, but didn’t have any thing to show on it.

That immediately got my wheels spinning. . . I’ve got a small collection of New Old Stock T-160s, and I’ve always wanted to put together some 8 Hour SLP Mixtapes.

VHS is unique, in the fact that you can record such an extreme amount of useable information on them. 8 Hours in SLP might not be the best quality (Combination of tape speed, and tape thickness), but it’s definitely watchable. Cost-Conscious consumers used SLP to maximize their tape lengths for a large chuck of the VCR’s lifespan, and nobody seemed to mind.

Additionally, for the right content, it lends a certain ‘crunch’, not unlike recording drums to tape.

Anyway, I’m laying off the first of the ‘Noisetape’ dubs now. . . and I can’t wait to see the result.

No one can conceivably sit down, and watch an 8 hour VHS tape in one go. That’s not what it’s designed for, I think. . . I think they should be played on loop, in the background of one’s art studio, quietly influencing the people around it.

I’m only making 4, to pass along to 3 folks that I think will get the maximum yield from them, and I can’t wait to see how it influences their work.

Here’s some examples of what’s on this particular tape:



Right now, in the 21st century, there’s a ROBUST community of folks STILL MAKING VHS TAPES!  VHS was one of the first home video formats that allowed people of all walks of life to create and distribute their own high-quality moving images quickly & cheaply, and we’re keeping that tradition alive!


Duplication & Manufacturing Services for hire!

VXPX.INFO – Based in New York, NY
The Basement Labs – Based in Worcester, MA

Cryptic Carousel – Based in Upstate NY – Based in Canada


Weirdos, Beardos, and Videopunks of all Stripes!

Lunchmeat – The OG, stocking ALL THINGS VHS

Horror Boobs – Schlocky Horror B-Movie Madness!

The Basement Labs – specializing in Ambient/Experimental Weirdness

Factory 25 – Indie Film Distributor with VHS feature film releases
Retro Release Video – Officially Licensed VHS Re-Issues!
Bleu Nuit Video – Analog Experiments from Montreal

American Piss Video Magazine – NYC based VHS Zine focusing on Graffiti, Raving, and Havin’ a Good Time.

Baudway Video – Vaporwave VHS label

Vill4in – Dark Vaporwave & Industrial

SRS Cinema –  Horror/Scifi/KAIJU distro!
Witter Entertainment – Horror Distro!
Black VVideo – VHS label for horror/action/bizarre
Pacific Plaza – Vaporwave Label w/ VHS releases
Unstable King – UK based VHS Bootlegs

Kitty On Fire Records – Vancouver Label with some VHS releases

Oscilloscope Laboratories – NYC Based Film Distributor w/ some VHS releases
Devaughn’s Tapes – Cute Customs for Sale
Black Ring Ritual – Fargo, ND based Noise label that releases on VHS & Beta


Export presets/templates/etc

NTSC Title Safe Framing Chart (.PNG)
Spine Labels (.PDF
Face Labels (.PDF)
Bottom-Loading Slipcase (.EPS)
Bottom-Loading  Slipcase (.SIT)
Bottom-Loading  Slipcase (ALT)  (.PDF)
Bottom-Loading Slipcase (ALT) (.PSD)
Side-Loading Slipcase (.SIT)
Clamshell/Library Case (.EPS)
Clamshell/Library Case (alt) (.JPG)

Adobe Media Encoder (AME/PPRO) .EPR

Vector Assets & Templates (from Mediafire)

Our recommendation for anyone delivering a file for
VHS duplication would be the following delivery spec:

DV NTSC Quicktime .MOV
29.97 (30i)
Field Order: LOWER first
0.9091 (DV NTSC) Pixel Aspect Ratio
and ALWAYS full screen 4:3 (not letterboxed)


Further down the Spiral – Forum for Experimental/Analog Video
BPMC – The GOAT of Glitch Video Synthesis
Lunchmeat VHS – the OG VHS Zine

Strange Tapes Zine – Another VHS Classic

Video Circuits – The Biggest/Best Analog Video Facebook Group
Coaxial Arts – Experimental Media Art center in LA
Signal Culture – Experimental Media Art Center in Upstate NY
r/Video Synthesis – Video Synth Subreddit
r/CustomVHS – DIY Customs
Andre Jay’s Resource Page – The GOAT, with LOTS of great stuff
Bootleg VHS – Cool VHS-Themed Merch
Capital Waste Pictures – AU analog video productions
Color VHS Shell Database

Experimental Television Center | Title Safe | NTSC | Aspect Ratio | VHS | Spool Swapping

Wanna get added to the list?  Shoot us an email!  We wanna hear from you!


GoVideo 4940 VCR/DVD Combo Manual

This is my favorite VCR.

For Region-Free DVD Playback:

Govideo VR4940

Scroll down to the lock symbol
Keep Pressing 0 until it says “Congratulations region free!”


R. – “Snow Forever”

This was a trio of ambient video pieces I did under the R. name.

I keep coming back to this project, and I feel like there’s something really special about these videos.

This was the view from my window in the studio apartment I shared with a partner on 17th st in Manhattan.

The goals of these pieces was to capture a certain melancholy that I felt at the time.

Ideally, these would be presented on asynchronous loop, on three separate monitors, in a large, shared space.


R. – “Traveling”

Ambient video piece originally designed to be 10x 60 second long sections as interstitials for L’enfer Est Plein De Bonnes Volontés Ou Désirs..

In 2022, I released this as a super limited Proof-of-concept on 8cm/3″ Mini-DVD. It’s a really great format, but getting stock is a little more expensive than Full Size DVD-R’s. I was able to duplicate them in a standard DVD Duplicator, which was nice.

Here’s some photos of them on the counter at Thousands of Dead Gods

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Darren Keen Presents BAD SPEED (an A/V Experience)

This was a weird lil’ VHS release I did for my friend Darren Keen, based on these weird slowed chopped & screwed mixes he was doing at bars in the Lower East Side.

I think I made 12 copies or so of this, and they’re all loooooooong gone by now.

I uploaded it to Youtube, and it was immediately content struck. . . guess ‘Fair Use‘ & Derivative Works don’t mean anything to Google.

A: Darren Keen
V: Videopunks

1 Janes Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
2 Warren Zevon – Werewolves Of London
3 Squirrel Nut Zippers – hell
4 tUnEyArDs – Water Fountain
5 Bow Wow Wow – I want Candy
6 Whitehead & McFadden – Ain’t no Stopping us now
7 Blue Swede – Hooked on a feeling
8 Price is right Theme song
9 ABBA – gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight
10 Con Funk Shun – Ms. Got the body
11 The Trammps – Disco Inferno
12 Michael Jackson – Beat it
13 Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner

SoundCloud Link:

Darren Keen:



R. is an ambient A/V project started by Mike Mazzotta & Diognes the Fox in 2003.

Currently R. is Mike Mazzotta.

You can find more details about the project on Discogs.