Born and raised in Hartford, CT, Mike has been working in Production for most of his life.  Getting his start early, mixing and running his first show in 5th Grade, Michael’s made Production his life.

Earning his chops in live production as a member of the Legendary Live-Event Production Company ASPECT RADIO, he would go on to work for NYC based companies such as AUDIOLUST PRODUCTIONS, and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM.

Mike made the switch to Professional Post-Production in 2007, embracing his passion for Storytelling and Technology.  Though he cut his first short films in 2003, It wasn’t ’til 2007 that he finally made Post his focus, teaching Post-Production at The New York Film Academy, then working as a Digital Lab Technician at the infamous OFFHOLLYWOOD STUDIOS in Manhattan.  He’s worked on hundreds of short form pieces, as well as Music Videos, Feature Films, and Documentaries. “Deciding to become an Editor was the best decision I ever made” he often states in interviews.

He is currently a touring member of Angelspit, is involved in the NAMES, NOT NUMBERS Project, and  resides in Queens, NY.

You can reach Mike via Email:


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