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Videopunks is the live analog video manipulation project of Mike Mazzotta. A former touring member of Australian Industrial Cyberpunk outfit Angelspit, he’s video-jammed live for artists like Merzbow (as part of the Red Bull Music Academy), Angelspit, Pharmakon, Pictureplane, Machinegirl, NoEyes, and many more.

When he’s not performing live, he splits his time
directing music videos, practicing various Analog Multimedia Techniques, and running a VHS label.

Additionally, Mike has done several Internet-Based works, Photography series, and is currently prototyping portable/modular Analog Video installations.

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(as Videopunks)

• Touring Member – Angelspit (as The Liar) (2010 – 2013)

• Live Member – We Are Temporary  (2014-2016)

• Live Visuals – Merzbow (As Part of the Red Bull Music Academy) (2015)

• Live Visuals – Sannhet Album Release Show (2017)

• Live Visuals – Nmesh (2019)

• Music Video – Darren Keen “Hard to Say No”
• Music Video – Dreamcrusher “Fear/No Feeling”

• Performer – 20Alpha, Hong Kong (2019)

• Performer – MAZE (for Liquid Sky Berlin), Berlin, Germany (2018)

•Performer – La Lumieré ( for Telepresence), Montreal, Quebec (2016-2019)

•Founding member of The Basement Labs (2003 – Current)

• Founding member of Videopunks (with Hex Taylor) ( 2013 – Current)