R. – “Snow Forever”

This was a trio of ambient video pieces I did under the R. name.

I keep coming back to this project, and I feel like there’s something really special about these videos.

This was the view from my window in the studio apartment I shared with a partner on 17th st in Manhattan.

The goals of these pieces was to capture a certain melancholy that I felt at the time.

Ideally, these would be presented on asynchronous loop, on three separate monitors, in a large, shared space.

R. – “Traveling”

Ambient video piece originally designed to be 10x 60 second long sections as interstitials for L’enfer Est Plein De Bonnes Volontés Ou Désirs..

In 2022, I released this as a super limited Proof-of-concept on 8cm/3″ Mini-DVD. It’s a really great format, but getting stock is a little more expensive than Full Size DVD-R’s. I was able to duplicate them in a standard DVD Duplicator, which was nice.

Here’s some photos of them on the counter at Thousands of Dead Gods