Frataxin – Copulatory Transvection VHS

I got asked to do the Editing & Analog processing for this VHS release from Frataxin on Invocation Films (as released by Black Ring Rituals).

I’ve seen Joe perform a couple of times, and though Power Electronics really isn’t my thing, this dude gets me every fucking time. What an absolute ripper.

In a new personal first for me, this is getting released on Betamax, in addition to the VHS. What a treat.

Giglog – HARSH NOISE HALLOWEEN – Trans-Pecos

This show ended up being a bit of a bummer (there was a really offensive DEATHPILE set which you shouldn’t google that super wrecked the vibe), but I was ultimately really happy with my performance.

I got to do a 15 minute cover set of Throbbing Gristle tunes with my friend Jake Vest of SWIMWARE & BIG AURA. Here’s a little bit of footage from it.

The Haters

I don’t know much about The Haters.

This is pretty fucking rad.

Also, GX Jupitter-Larsen has been keeping a gig log forever, and I am forever ashamed that I did not.

Also. . . this might be the greatest thing I’ve ever read in a wikipedia article:

“From 1982 to 1986, he submitted a black video tape entitled Blank Banner to over forty video festivals. It was screened in nine.”


I ran into some old friends at a show the other day, and they mentioned that they got a CRT TV, but didn’t have any thing to show on it.

That immediately got my wheels spinning. . . I’ve got a small collection of New Old Stock T-160s, and I’ve always wanted to put together some 8 Hour SLP Mixtapes.

VHS is unique, in the fact that you can record such an extreme amount of useable information on them. 8 Hours in SLP might not be the best quality (Combination of tape speed, and tape thickness), but it’s definitely watchable. Cost-Conscious consumers used SLP to maximize their tape lengths for a large chuck of the VCR’s lifespan, and nobody seemed to mind.

Additionally, for the right content, it lends a certain ‘crunch’, not unlike recording drums to tape.

Anyway, I’m laying off the first of the ‘Noisetape’ dubs now. . . and I can’t wait to see the result.

No one can conceivably sit down, and watch an 8 hour VHS tape in one go. That’s not what it’s designed for, I think. . . I think they should be played on loop, in the background of one’s art studio, quietly influencing the people around it.

I’m only making 4, to pass along to 3 folks that I think will get the maximum yield from them, and I can’t wait to see how it influences their work.

Here’s some examples of what’s on this particular tape:

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