Videopunks VHS


Starting in 2015, I’ve both produced and executive produced close to 50 Limited Edition video art and multimedia VHS tapes released with the The Basement Labs.

Every tape is hand dubbed, and assembled.  To date, we’ve shipped over 1200 tapes all over the world, and the works have been featured on German TV, Internet Public Access Stations, and everywhere in between.

Here are some selections from the Catalog.  More information is available at , and many are still available at

Many of these releases are currently screening on 8BallTV.Club

VXPX_001 – “VIDEO ART IS AWFUL” (2015)
Video Art compilation featuring  Dawna Carney, Jonas Bers, Julia Sinelnikova, and others.

VXPX_002 – “VIDEOTERROR” (2016)

Live Audio/Visual Performance between myself and MANKID at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY.  All audio and video processing happened live, directly to tape.

VXPX_003 – #PureMoods2016  (2016)

The First widely available Vaporwave VHS release ever.

Featuring music by 식료품groceries, MindSpring Memories, and others.

Collaboration between NO EYES & glitch artist JPEGSTRIPES

Split release with Cal Fish & Dakota Reed

Video Art compilation, featuring R23X, Love Spread, and others.


Release for the Art of the Glitch tumblr.

VXPX_008 – “That’s Edutainment” (2016)
Found Footage release featuring Diognes the Fox & Tshima

VXPX_009 – “Beat Kids” (2016)
Split Release from Mathias Kruse & .oldneon

VXPX_010 – “tBL Test Tape 785bk – For Internal Use Only” (2016)

Collaboration with ambient project R., Sun Dholes, and video artist Alexander Luna.

VXPX_011 – “Filth Palace” (2016)
Co-Release with Australian Video Art Collective CAPITAL WASTE.

VXPX_012 – “L’enfer Est Plein De Bonnes Volontés Ou Désirs” (2016)
A compilation of work by Quebecoise Video artists Roberto Malano & Guillaume Vallee

VXPX_013 – #Sadhouse (2016)

Compilation of the first four #Sadhouse Mixtapes (as performed with Hex Taylor).

VXPX_014 – “Instant Fireplace” (2016)

Our take on a Classic Holiday Season Staple, with analog synthesizer music by Solarsteinn.

VXPX_015 – “Video Art is Cheap” (2016)

Video Art compilation featuring works by LOVE SPREAD, Rob Feulner, Preston Spurlock, and others.  Originally released on Pink Translucent VHS tapes.

VXPX_016 – Space Bong “Dead in Paradise” (2016)

Released in collaboration with Capital Waste Pictures (Adelaide, Australia)

VXPX_017 – #PUREMOODS2017 (2017)
Limited Edition Vaporwave Compilation with Found Footage.

VXPX_018 – “Richard Spencer Getting Punched in the Face for an Hour” (2017)
Videotape of White Nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched for an hour, on loop, accompanied by Chopin.  A copy actually made it’s way into the hands of the unnamed activist featured in the video (Not Spencer).

VXPX_019 – Pursuing Paradise “Lust and the Downward Spiral” (2017)
Limited Edition release of “Lust and the Downward Spiral” Plunderphonic Video Album by Pursuing Paradise.

VXPX_020 – Tomorrow is Code for a Bright and Shining Future (Unreleased)


Single Channel Videoart compilation, featuring over a dozen video artists.

VXPX_022 – Frogman’s Silly Scaries (2017)

VXPX_023 – RE-GEN EP (2018)

in collaboration with R23X

VXPX_024 – I HATE IT HERE (2021)

Video poetry piece with music by Thee Severed Body

VXPX_025 – #PureMoods2018 (2018)

VXPX_026 – Sun Dholes “Life & Death @Home”
Collaboration between Videopunks & Sun Dholes.  This might be my favorite thing that I’ve done so far.  Premiered originally on Liquid Sky Berlin’s TV show in Germany.

VXPX_027 – Judas Isoceles
In collaboration with Capital Waste Pictures

VXPX_028 – Windows 98 Forever

Ambient Re-imagining of the Windows 98 Startup Theme, with Footage of a Vintage Computer booting up.

VXPX_029 – PowerPCME – Kmart 1989-1992

Provided visuals for this seminal Vaporwave album.

VXPX_030 – My Slow Year Asleep

Compilation of Year-Long Durational work featuring 10+ Video Artist, and 4 musicians.  More information about this project HERE.

VXPX_031 – RudeINK – “yeah, I’m with it”

compilation of Erotic Video Art by Rude.INK

VXPX_032 – RE-GEN+

Expanded edition of the RE-GEN EP by R23X

VXPX_033 – Tvvin Pines M4ll – “‎植物波 [ Plantwave ]”

Created visuals for the watershed Vaporwave album.


Released a compilation of video content by influential NYHC band SHOW ME THE BODY

VXPX_035 – Safety Inside & Outside The Chemistry Lab: Tape 7 (2019)

Produced in collaboration with Private Suite Magazine

VXPX_036 – Mother Cell “Video Mixtape #2” (2020)

Produced in collaboration with Digital Queercore group Mother Cell

VXPX_037 – FUCK ME TENDER (2020)

Queer Indie Porn compilation produced in collaboration with High Creatives

VXPX_038 – Virtua94 Mixtape (2020)

Produced in Collaboration with Virtua94

VXPX_039 – ABSNTMND – “R O O S E V E L T” (2021)

Produced visuals for the EP ‘R O O S E V E L T’

VXPX_040 – “Failure, A Thousand Times Over” (2021)

Visuals made in Collaboration with Thee Severed Body

VXPX_041 – “Somewhere Else” (2021)

Visuals made in collaboration with Radio Dream

VXPX_042 – Angelspit “The Ignorance Cartel” (2020)
produced in collaboration with Angelspit

VXPX_043 – R. – “B L I S S” (2022)

Music + Visuals by R.

VXPX_044 – R. – “I have lost your voice.” (2022)
Music + Visuals by R.