Added Old Youtube Videos. . .

So… I went back through my old Youtube account…

For better, or for worse, I’ve definitely come a LONG way.

So, in the interest of having this tumblog (that’s a word, right?) be a chronicle of the work I’ve done so far (and the person I’ve become while doing it), I’ve decided to post each of the videos, with backdates, so whenever I feel the urge to go back through and look at my career chronologically, I can.

So. ..  yeah… you’ll find some weird youtube stuff scattered throughout this blog.  Some of the work I’m proud of… other, not so much.  But I did it, and that’s what counts.

Video Download Helper FTFW

Video Download Helper is one of those little secrets tool I keep in my SUPER-DUPER POST GUY UTILITY BELT… but now that the yahoos over at PVC have let the cat out of the bag, I guess I’ll post about it…

IN A NUTSHELL: You can download 90% of the flash video content on the internet.

Get it NOW. It’s the only reason I still have Firefox installed on my machine.

From PVC