Giglog – “Happy Little Coma” Livestream (First Live Hardware Set)

Over the pandemic, I bought a Roland MC-101. So did Vinny Radiodream (the other half of this incarnation of Videopunks), and we immediately tried to figure out how to leverage them for live shows.

This was the first step in that. This was part of the promo run/digital tour for Angelspit’s THE IGNORANCE CARTEL (which I did the VHS release for), and this was the first time I got to flex one of the MC-101’s live.

Most of these grooves were built a couple weeks before the show. . . i’d love to go back, finish these up, and release them.

For the performance, I connected the MC-101 to OBS via USB, taking the Stereo Mix channels directly into OBS. For the visual, I put a USB Webcam on my head, for a POV shot, and just cranked the saturation. The stream went out as-is live via Twitch. Everything you’re hearing is coming DIRECTLY from the MC-101 . . . there’s some computer usage, but it’s mostly ‘Hey, can you adjust this streaming setting, we’re getting some lag/latency/jitter/whatever’.

Here’s a video of the performance.