Ricoh GR III Manual (PDF)

I love my Ricoh GR III. I’ve had mine since they were originally released (as well as a 35mm Ricoh GR1 that I bought in Seoul), and I’ve printed a LOT of photos in Zines from it, as well as Large Format prints. I usually always have it on me. I’m considering selling most of my camera gear, and buying a Ricoh GRIIIx in 2023.

To be honest, I just with it did 4k video, and then I’d never need another camera again. . . but that’s another story entirely.

Here’s the manual for the Ricoh GRIII, just to have handy.

Sonic Foundry Acid Forever

I have loved Acid for a very long time. Early in the days of The Basement Labs, this was our gateway into the wide world of weird.

Diognes the Fox & I were never running the latest gear, but we were able to run this program, and run it we did.

Though our original installer for the first version of Acid we used is lost to time, there’s a very good chance that this particular installer (and Keygen!) has been the one we’ve been using since our Senior Year of High School. Acid Pro 4 was released in January 2003, so it all lines up.

The coolest thing about Acid was that there was a HUGE library of easily-findable Loop Packs. They’d come on CD’s, pre-organized, and ready to rock. A lot of DAWs ended up adopting a lot of the stretching capabilities of ACID, and also used their Loop Format.

You can still find a lot of these CD’s for sale on eBay.

I’m sure Fox is STILL using the same version of Acid. . . and I’ve been known to come back to it from time to time. Now that i’m really leaning into the Roland MC-101, it’ll be nice to have a lil’ something to chop breaks in, do some stretching, and try some loops out before exporting them.

I’m currently running it in a Windows 8.1 VM in Parallels Desktop on a Mac, and it’s

Use this thing in the spirit of which it was intended. . . don’t sell this shit, or anything. It’s 20 year old software at this point, but it’s still got some life left in it.

Manual & Download Links below

System Requirements

Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP, 300 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended), Windows-compatible sound card


Right now, in the 21st century, there’s a ROBUST community of folks STILL MAKING VHS TAPES!  VHS was one of the first home video formats that allowed people of all walks of life to create and distribute their own high-quality moving images quickly & cheaply, and we’re keeping that tradition alive!


Duplication & Manufacturing Services for hire!

VXPX.INFO – Based in New York, NY
The Basement Labs – Based in Worcester, MA

Cryptic Carousel – Based in Upstate NY – Based in Canada


Weirdos, Beardos, and Videopunks of all Stripes!

Lunchmeat – The OG, stocking ALL THINGS VHS

Horror Boobs – Schlocky Horror B-Movie Madness!

The Basement Labs – specializing in Ambient/Experimental Weirdness

Factory 25 – Indie Film Distributor with VHS feature film releases
Retro Release Video – Officially Licensed VHS Re-Issues!
Bleu Nuit Video – Analog Experiments from Montreal

American Piss Video Magazine – NYC based VHS Zine focusing on Graffiti, Raving, and Havin’ a Good Time.

Baudway Video – Vaporwave VHS label

Vill4in – Dark Vaporwave & Industrial

SRS Cinema –  Horror/Scifi/KAIJU distro!
Witter Entertainment – Horror Distro!
Black VVideo – VHS label for horror/action/bizarre
Pacific Plaza – Vaporwave Label w/ VHS releases
Unstable King – UK based VHS Bootlegs

Kitty On Fire Records – Vancouver Label with some VHS releases

Oscilloscope Laboratories – NYC Based Film Distributor w/ some VHS releases
Devaughn’s Tapes – Cute Customs for Sale
Black Ring Ritual – Fargo, ND based Noise label that releases on VHS & Beta


Export presets/templates/etc

NTSC Title Safe Framing Chart (.PNG)
Spine Labels (.PDF
Face Labels (.PDF)
Bottom-Loading Slipcase (.EPS)
Bottom-Loading  Slipcase (.SIT)
Bottom-Loading  Slipcase (ALT)  (.PDF)
Bottom-Loading Slipcase (ALT) (.PSD)
Side-Loading Slipcase (.SIT)
Clamshell/Library Case (.EPS)
Clamshell/Library Case (alt) (.JPG)

Adobe Media Encoder (AME/PPRO) .EPR

Vector Assets & Templates (from Mediafire)

Our recommendation for anyone delivering a file for
VHS duplication would be the following delivery spec:

DV NTSC Quicktime .MOV
29.97 (30i)
Field Order: LOWER first
0.9091 (DV NTSC) Pixel Aspect Ratio
and ALWAYS full screen 4:3 (not letterboxed)


Further down the Spiral – Forum for Experimental/Analog Video
BPMC – The GOAT of Glitch Video Synthesis
Lunchmeat VHS – the OG VHS Zine

Strange Tapes Zine – Another VHS Classic

Video Circuits – The Biggest/Best Analog Video Facebook Group
Coaxial Arts – Experimental Media Art center in LA
Signal Culture – Experimental Media Art Center in Upstate NY
r/Video Synthesis – Video Synth Subreddit
r/CustomVHS – DIY Customs
Andre Jay’s Resource Page – The GOAT, with LOTS of great stuff
Bootleg VHS – Cool VHS-Themed Merch
Capital Waste Pictures – AU analog video productions
Color VHS Shell Database

Experimental Television Center | Title Safe | NTSC | Aspect Ratio | VHS | Spool Swapping

Wanna get added to the list?  Shoot us an email!  We wanna hear from you!

Yamaha SU10 Sampler

Bought from a guy in the Starbucks in Union Square, winter 2019. Found it on Craigslist!

Shortly thereafter, I saw Deli Girls at Trans Pecos using one live. Sounded great through a Sound System.

Gearlog – Building the Wearable Wireless Rig (w/ Manual)

Here’s some build video/photos from the OG wearable rig.

This was in the basement of VIDEOHAUS in Bed-Stuy. I made a LOT of tapes there, and you can sneakily see a little bit of Nate Bobowski sitting there, looking nonplussed.

I’ve still got all the parts for this. . . I really should rebuild it.

Here’s the .PDF Manuals for the Edirol V-1 (not to be confused with the more recent Roland V1HD).