“60 Second Wipeout” – Collaborative Video Art Installation

If you’re a video artist in the 21st century working with CRTs, then you’ve got Nam-June Paik to thank for that. Nam-June was a Fluxus member, known for his keen combinations of Video Art and Installation art. His appreciation for the lowbrow (and for consumer electronics) in a fine art context has been a continual source of inspiration to me for my entire video art career. Nam-June was the first Videopunk.

It’s NJP’s world, we’re just living in it.

60 SECOND WIPE-OUT is meant to build on this, in a very concrete way. Inspired by NJP’s small, self-contained video art installations, each CRT Display has a Raspberry Pi loaded with 60 second video art clips from the following artists, played back randomly, forever. Each Pi will (eventually) contain 24 hours worth of 60 second video art pieces (1440 in total).

Note: After we’ve gotten all the media from everyone, I’ll probably add more context to this section, and I’ll remove the Upload instructions.

Here’s a list of the Collaborators:
• Your name goes here

You can view 60 Second Wipe-out at the following locations:
1186 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

20 Alpha
13/F, Foo Tak Building, 367 Hennessy Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Analog Video
Chicago, IL (ask a videopunk)



Thank you for submitting to our Collaborative Video Art Project! Ideally, each submitting video artist will provide sixty different 60 second video art pieces, formatted in the follow spec, and uploaded to Google Drive.

First up, we need your files in the right spec:

Here’s the Output Spec:

h264 .mp4
Lower Field First
DV NTSC (non-Square) Pixels
CBR 5Mbps
No Audio

Here’s an Adobe Media Encoder Pre-Set

NEXT, We need them named properly!

First, two initials, then a three digit number:

I’m Mike Videopunk, so my 25th video would be MV-025.mp4

This is SUPER IMPORTANT for sorting of the files on the RasPi.

Finally, we need them uploaded to Google Drive! Unfortunately, you’ll have to upload them 5 at a time. Sorry!!



SYNC NYC – Monthly Open Hardware Jam

Signup Sheet for March 2023 – Wonderville

SYNC is a monthly Hardware Jam at Wonderville in Brooklyn, NY, hosted by VJOLTRON & MORPHISM.

Four performers at a time take 120bpm Midi Beat Clock from a single source (Behringer DDM-4000 & DOREMIDI MIDI THRU-6 Box), and try to keep the jam going for the duration of the show, mixing in and out live.

Anyone with hardware (groovebox, drum machine, sampler, etc) that can take clock via 5 pin midi in is encouraged to sign up. Timeslots are 30 minutes long.

Please bring the following:

• Your favorite Groovebox/Drum Machine/Sampler
• 5 pin Midi Cable
• Power Supply
• Cables to get from your gear to a Stereo Line Level RCA Input
• Some seriously dope 120bpm Dub Techno/Ambient Techno/Deep Techno/Lofi House vibes

Do Not Bring:
• Laptops!
• Your modular
• Bad Vibes

Show Archive

March 26th, 2023
April 30th, 2023
May 28th, 2023