Things I’d Like To Do – “Cities in Dust”

Whenever I travel, I love to shoot cities (a really good example of this was the ‘Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago’ photobook that I self-released).

Alongside this, I’ve been thinking A LOT about what Minimal dance music is/could be, especially in terms of hardware (and specifically the minimal amount of hardware).

The MC-101 is 100% that box for me. . . I use it for everything, including production AND live performance.

While in a city, i’d love to find a local place that I can work on a 4 track minimalist dance music LP. Go in a few hours every day, and just see what sounds come out, while wandering the city during the day, and then leaning into the nightlife at night. Really soak up the vibes in those places, and see what music comes out, while documenting the my travels.

To sweeten the pot, I’d love to sample things like local radio broadcasts, to get textural elements that you literally could only capture in those cities. Something like this would be really cool to sample with, as well as something like the Zoom iQ6

I’m down to do this anywhere but here is a list of cities that I think would be really great to spend a week or two, and really get into it:

Hong Kong
• Tokyo
• Seoul
• Berlin
• Paris (I didn’t have a good time last time, and I’d like to try to redeem it)
• Lisbon
• Istanbul
• Beirut
• Stockholm
• Oslo
• Reyjavik

Of course, for a release – it would be a Photobook, with a QR code for a download link inside. . . probably linked right to this blog!

I don’t know how I would go about doing this in my immediate future, but if you would like to host me/facilitate me in anyway on this weird Multimedia adventure, feel free to hit me up at videopunksnotdead[@]gmail[dot]com

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