VXPX_030 – My Slow Year Asleep

My Slow Year Asleep

“My Slow Year Asleep” was a collaborative Instagram-based Video Art project that ran from September 22nd, 2017 to September 22nd, 2018. Each day, a new 15 second video loop was posted to Instagram, superimposed with a Haiku, and 15 seconds of music, all pre-arranged, but created independently of each other.

Starting in September of 2016, 15 video artists were each assigned dates throughout the upcoming year, to create video art to be used in the project. None of the video artists knew who the day before them or after them would be, and their dates were spread out throughout the year.

During that ‘Production’ year, I wrote 365 haiku about Video Art, Internet Art, and whatever else I was thinking about at the time. I purposefully keep these separate from the videos, so they wouldn’t be influenced by them.

There were no limitations placed on the Video Artists, other than the clips had to be exactly 15 seconds at 29.97 frames per second, and had to have a 720×480 frame size.

Additionally, 4 musicians (Diognes the Fox, Tshima, R., and Solarsteinn) were each assigned a ‘Season’, and a run time for their music, based on how many 15 second ‘days’ they were assigned.

In September 2017, all the pieces were put together, and we uploaded a loop a day. Everyone (including the artists) got to experience the work unfold daily. At the end of the run, the loops were compiled into a single, continuous experimental film.

Here are the Video Artists featured (in no particular order).

Cal Fish
Anna Spence
Corey Johnson
Diognes the Fox
Dakota Reed
Danielle Riccio
Devin Utah
Chris Konopka
Georgi Georgiev
The Hologram
Alexander Luna

Ned Paige
Lulu Cipher
Ed Kennedy
Liam Gallagher (Capital Waste)
Mike Mazzotta (Videopunks)

You can view the Original Instagram Posts here, or purchase a VHS copy of the entire collection here.
Discogs listing is here.

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