Emotional Technology – Pebble Review

In honor of the new SDK that supposedly ships TOMORROW, here’s a quick review of the Pebble Smartwatch.


WHO: Pebble is a platform agnostic (iOS/Android) smartwatch, available here.

WHAT: Smartwatches are wearable tech that adds functionality to your current smartphone, i.e. Notifications on your wrist, etc. Using Helper Apps (like my current favorite, Smartwatch+), information/notifications are pushed over bluetooth to your wrist. It’s basically an extra backlit epaper display for your phone.
Currently, there’s no two-way communication (alá Dick Tracy) in iOS, but maybe someday that will happen.

It also tells the time.

WHERE: On your wrist. Also, in the shower (Water Resistant up to 5 ATM).

WHEN: All the time (See what I did there?!?)

WHY: Besides the fact that wearable tech is cool? Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to look at your wrist then take out your phone. Other helper apps provide you with Turn-By-Turn directions via the GPS on your phone, making it ideal for strapping onto your bike.

WISHLIST: I honestly can’t wait for a proper ereader for the Pebble. I read A LOT of ebooks on my phone (usually using iBooks), and it definitely takes a toll on my phone’s battery. I feel like the Pebble screen is just big enough to read comfortably on. Also, I wouldn’t mind some sort of SMS reply app, with 5-10 user-defined canned responses, so when you get a text message, you can quickly respond.

A couple of other notes: The Pebble uses a proprietary connector cable, so you’ll probably want to buy a couple extra. Cheap ones can be found on Amazon, like THIS ONE, that seem to be pretty popular.

Also, you’ll want a SCREEN PROTECTOR. I’ve had mine for about a month now, and I’ve already scratched the face.

If you’re curious about the Pebble’s functionality, I can’t speak highly enough about Reddit’s r/Pebble Community. Like all things hyper-specialized on Reddit, it’s a constantly-updating plethora of neat hacks, feature requests, and general tips. Totally worth checking out.

Pebble Smart Watch (via Amazon)

Charger Cable (via Amazon)

Screen Protector

Rating: 4/5


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